Texas Roadhouse Smokehouse Burger

The smokehouse burger at Texas Roadhouse is made with ground chuck, that’s different from regular ground beef. You also get sauteed mushrooms, American and Jack cheese, BBQ sauce, onions, etc., on a toasted bun. The smokehouse burger costs $12.99 at Texas Roadhouse.

Calories in Texas Roadhouse Smokehouse Burger

Each serving of a smokehouse burger contains 1080 calories. With 67g of fat, more than half of the calories come from fat. This burger includes 58g of protein, 60g of carbohydrates, 2490mg of sodium, and 150mg of cholesterol.

Recipe for Smokehouse Burger at Texas Roadhouse

Try this copycat recipe for Texas Smokehouse Burger if you’re making it home. Serve up to 8 people by following this recipe!

Smokehouse Burger at Texas Roadhouse
Smokehouse Burger at Texas Roadhouse


Ground chuck/beef2 lbs
Sliced mushrooms1 ½ lbs
Large onion1
Seasoned salt
BBQ sauce
Jack Cheese


Making The Patties:

Divide the ground chuck or beef into 8 ball-shaped parts. Use your hands or any type of pressing device to press down onto the meat to make the patties. 

Make sure the patties are slightly larger in diameter than the buns because they will shrink when cooked. However, you also need to keep an eye out on the thickness, as thin patties won’t have the same juiciness. 

Cooking The Patties and The Onion

While the smokehouse burger uses raw onions, it’s always better if you caramelize them a little bit to get a sweet and savory flavor. Either cut your onion into a thick circle or slice them. 

Season with salt and cook the patties on your grill or skillet and then caramelize the onions. If you are cooking the onions on a skillet, a trick is adding a little water to ensure they do not burn. When the patties are almost done, put slices of cheese on them for melting.

Sauteeing The Mushrooms

In a pan, heat up butter (up to 2 tbsp.) until they melt, and then put in the mushrooms. You can also cook sliced onions with mushrooms to sautee them together. Add a little bit of salt and finish cooking.

Toasting The Buns

You can use regular buns but toasting them gives extra flavor and texture. Start by slicing the buns in half, adding a little bit of butter, and toasting them on your grill or pan. 

Preparing The Burger

Add BBQ sauce on both sides of the buns, then put sliced onion or onion ring, beef patty, and sauteed mushroom in that order. Enjoy your delicious home-cooked Smokehouse burger!