Texas Roadhouse Drinks

Texas Roadhouse is known for its tender steaks and soft bread rolls. However, you can get a variety of beverages in this restaurant chain.

Some of the most popular drinks at Texas Roadhouse are Texas Peach Fuzz cocktails, margaritas, and Kenny Chesney’s coconut rum.

While Roadhouse serves plenty of alcoholic beverages, they also have non-alcoholic soft drinks, iced tea, etc.

Roadhouse Drinks

Types of Drinks at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse has the following categories of beverages:

  • Alcohol: Margaritas, beers, rum, Kenny Chesney drink, etc.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Lemonades, soft drinks, iced tea, etc.

The Best Texas Roadhouse Drink

According to most, the margaritas at Texas Roadhouse are the best drinks option. And if you were searching for a non-alcoholic beverage, go for the Blue Crash Lemonade.

The “Blue Drink” at Texas Roadhouse

The blue colored drink at Texas Roadhouse is getting popular recently. It is called the Blue Chair Bay and it comes from the Kenny’s Cooler collection.

The Blue Chair Bay is a coconut rum inspired by Kenny Chesney. You can find this special drink at Texas Roadhouse restaurants all over the country.


Texas Roadhouse also has happy hours and drink specials. While the drinks are more expensive than people would like, these events make them available at a discount!