Texas Peach Fuzz Cocktail

The Texas Peach Fuzz cocktail from Texas Roadhouse is available at $9.99. It is a peach-flavored summer drink. This cocktail is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages at Texas Roadhouse, and you can make it at home.

Peach Fuzz Cocktail
Peach Fuzz Cocktail

Texas Roadhouse Peach Fuzz Cocktail Recipe


  • Amaro di Angostura: 1 oz.
  • Fresh peach syrup: ½ oz.
  • Mint
  • Cynar: 1 oz.
  • Peychaud’s Bitters: 2 dashes
  • Lemon juice: ¾ of a single piece
  • Mint sprig
  • Marigold flower
  • Dry peach


  1. Using a shaker, mix the alcohol, peach syrup, cynar, lemon juice, mint, and Peychaud’s bitters. Now shake them with ice for less than a minute.
  2. Get a strainer to strain the drink into a glass full of ice.
  3. Use the dry peach, mint sprig, and marigold flower as garnish.

The cocktail will appear as a caramel color and taste rich with peach and mint flavors.