Texas Roadhouse Alcohol

Texas Roadhouse offers several alcoholic beverages, from hard triple secs to some lighter armadillo punch. From the alcohol menu, Kenny’s Cooler is Roadhouse’s most popular option.

Alcohol Menu at Texas Roadhouse

Alcohol Menu at Texas Roadhouse
Alcohol Menu at Texas Roadhouse

Similar to steaks, Texas Roadhouse has different alcohol options. Here’s the menu for alcoholic drinks at this restaurant chain:


While Duff beer isn’t available at Roadhouse, you can enjoy the following brands and types:

  • Budweiser
  • Coors
  • Miller
  • Blue Moon Belgian-Style wheat beer
  • Negro Modelo
  • Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider 


Texas Roadhouse is known for their margaritas. Besides serving classic margaritas, there are a number of different options available at Roadhouse menus:

  • Original frozen margarita
  • Sangria margarita
  • Skinny lime margarita
  • Original rocks margarita
  • Roadhouse Roadie
  • Jamaican Cowboy margarita
  • Hurricane margarita

Kenny’s Cooler

Inspired by Kenny Chesney, the peach schnapps and blue curacao at Texas Roadhouse is one of the restaurant’s most popular rum-based beverage. If you have ever wondered what the blue drink at Texas Roadhouse is, Kenny’s Cooler is the answer.

Texas Roadhouse Alcohol Prices

Texas Roadhouse Alcohol Prices
Texas Roadhouse Alcohol Prices

The prices of the alcoholic drink menu at Texas Roadhouse is given below:

Frozen margarita$6.75
Kenny’s Cooler$6.50
Hurricane margarita$6.75
Jamaican Cowboy margarita$6.75
Rocks margarita$6.75
Roadhouse Roadie$5.00
Rocks margarita$6.75
Sangria margarita$6.75
Texas Peach Fuzz$9.99
Skinny lime margarita$6.75
Armadillo Punch$6.99