Texas Roadhouse Steak Chart

Even though Ribeyes are the most popular dish in Texas Roadhouse, the steakhouse serves a lot of different steaks. Roadhouse uses USDA-approved choice beef. 

The following is a chart of steaks available in Texas Roadhouse:

Steak NameAvailable Sizes in Ounces
Ft. Worth Ribeye12, 14, 16 oz.
USDA Choice Sirloin6, 8, 11, 16 oz.
New York Strip8, 12 oz.
Dallas Filet6, 8 oz.
Road KillN/A
Bone-In Ribeye20 oz.
Steak KabobN/A

If you are looking for a traditional steak chart for Texas Roadhouse steaks, here it is:

RareRed and cool center
Medium RareRed and warm center
MediumPink and hot center
Medium WellSlightly pink center
Well DoneNo pink