The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Texas Power Bars

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Texas Power Bars

Clean your Power Bar with these simple steps at a very low cost within a few minutes

Things You Should Use To Clean The Power Bar

To clean your power bar, you should pick up a nylon brush, WD-40, a bottle of 3 in 1 oil, an old t-shirt, or a towel and that’s all you need. All those items are just a few dollars and you can find them locally at a hardware or convenience store.

3 Easy Steps To Clean Your Power Bar

Step 01: Clean The Shaft

To clean the shaft, take the 3 in one oil, put it in the shaft and let it soak in a little bit, and then use a Nylon Brush to kind of rub it in and get it deep into the crevices and the gaps. Once that’s done, use a towel to wipe away any excess oil and that’s it, that’s all you have to do.

Step 02: Clean the Chalk

You should use a short Firm Bristle brush to clean the chalk out of the bar, then put 3 in one oil in the bar, And then just wipe it away with an old t-shirt or rag or towel you have.

Step 03: Clean the Collar

Use  WD-40 to spray the bushings, spin the collar a little bit to make sure it gets all in there, and then use a towel to clean it up. also, use the WD-40 on the towel to get the best cleaning.

Important Tips You Should Know About Cleaning the Bar

Make sure you are using Nylon Bristle Brushes. Nylon is not only soft but also smooth and will not scratch the bar.

If you go with the metal bar that can damage the power bar. If you choose nylon brushes, your stainless steel polish bar is protected from oxidation and rust buildup.

If you do that every two to three weeks your bars will be looking fresh and also feel fresh. The entire process of cleaning the Power Bar takes a couple of minutes. You can do it on your own.

Final Note

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on your power bar cleaning, it’s important that you keep it up, but power bar maintenance is quick and easy, and inexpensive. This article is great for a lot of us out there who have already spent a lot of money on your power.

All you need is a couple of items that can be picked up at your local hardware store, and clean your power bar within a couple of minutes yourself. 

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