What Age Can You Buy Condoms in Texas?

what age can you buy condoms in texas

You don’t need to show any id to your local shops or state your age when buying condoms in any state of the USA. But the age of consent is a thing, and you need to be at least seventeenth years old in Texas to have intercourse.

Things You May Need to Know Before Buying a Condom in Texas


It is not illegal to buy a condom under the age of consent. In fact, the shopkeepers, clerks, or checkout people should not even ask you about your age. Even if they do ask, you are not obliged to answer. But it is not legal to have sexual activity under 17 in Texas.

Getting Condoms for Free

It is possible to get condoms for free at sexual health clinics, contraception clinics, and many GP surgeries. The price of them is not too high anyway, and it is easy to get them online either. There won’t be any legality issue either.


There are so many types and categories of condoms on the market that it may take you a long time to choose one. But overall, there are four major types that you can categorize condoms. They are ribbed condoms, warming condoms, dotted condoms, and lubricated condoms.

Do You Need an ID to Buy Condoms?

You do not need any ID or anything else to buy condoms. You can even get them free from contraception clinics. But it is still an ideal thing to use them only if you are over the age of consent and can use them safely.

Are Thin Feel Condoms Safe?

Thin feel condoms from Durex are totally safe for every sexual activity type. But when using them for the first time, you should read the leaflet. It applies even if you have used other kinds of condoms before.

Why Do Condoms Break?

There are many reasons that condoms can break. Different things like chemicals, oils, sun rays, or even heat can be the cause of their weakening. Condom packets will mention to keep them away from light and heat. One may also break if it is not the proper size.

Can I Use 2 Condoms at the Same Time?

As counterintuitive as it may sound, using two condoms is riskier than using one. During use, the friction between them may cause them to weaken and break. So, one should never use two condoms at the same time.

Do Condoms Expire?

Condoms do expire after a certain time. Once they do, they start to weaken and break down, making them less effective. You can check their expiration date on the packet. An expired condom will be sticky, dry, and stiff after getting out of the package.

Final Note

It is not necessary to be of any age to buy condoms. However, having intercourses under the age of consent is not legal. If one of the couples is an adult, they will be charged with statutory rape and receive heavy punishments.

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