What are The Hidden Gems in Denton, Texas

hidden gems in denton, texas

According to many travelers who visited the place, the recycled book library in Denton is considered a hidden gem. Located at 200 N Locust Street, Denton, this place does not offer only recycled books. But it also has vinyl, graffiti, board games, and many different artworks.

Denton, Texas

Known for

Denton has five reasons to be known for- the two universities, shimmering nightlife, live music, and courthouse square. The peak among them is the concert venues where many musicians like Don Henley improved their skills. Aside from that, you can also check out the brewery, boutique stores, or campus theaters.

Things to Do Here

There are many things to do at Denton, including watching shows at the campus theater, visiting its beer district, checking out the Courthouse Square, or going to Bayless-Selby Museum. Once you are done, head to the Little Chapels, enjoy live music and visit the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center.

Safety Measures

If we are talking about safety, Denton doesn’t score that high. More criminal activities occur here than in 75% of other cities and towns in Texas. According to FBI data, someone has a 1 in 47 chance to become a victim of a property or vicious crime.

Native People

There are many ethnic groups of people who live there in Denton. They include Non-Hispanic White 58.9%, Hispanic White 19.9%, African American 9.38%, Asian 4.18%, and other Hispanic people 2.9%. These people have delightful cultures. They also have their own non-English language.

How Old Is Denton, Texas?

Denton is not that old county. This city was established only in 1857, meaning it is around 165 years old. The town of Denton is not pretty small, with a resident number of only 117,187, as of the 2011 US Census.

Does It Flood in Denton?

While flood may not be the greatest danger in Denton, it still isn’t something ignorable. Apparently, around 1,812 properties in the city contain a 26% risk of being intensely damaged by flood. There is a slight chance of the county getting floods over the next 30 years.

Is Denton, Texas Rich?

Denton has a decent per capita income compared to other places in the United States. The area got a per capita income of $29,109 in 2018. If we compare that to Texas, it is above the middle income. The county has both really rich and poor people.

Final Note

Denton is a pretty fine city to live in. Whether you are an art lover or want to travel around, the place won’t fail to wonder you. While it may not be the safest place, it is one of the most attractive for tourists and newcomers.

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