What Is Texas State University Known for?

what is texas state university known for

Texas State University is known for being a public emerging research university. The institution was recognized with that title by the Texas Higher Education Coordinator Board in 2012. People also talk about the welcoming yet competitive atmosphere in the university.

About Texas State University

The Type of Institution

Texas State University is designated as an emerging research university by the Texas Higher Education Board. It is also recognized as a Doctoral University by Carnegie Foundation. Like the lone star state, this institution also believes in the power of unity as one.

The major that Texas State University is known for is interdisciplinary studies. Aside from that, other popular majors are Business Administration and Management- General, Marketing Management- General, Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Psychology- General, Finance- General, Public Relations/Image Management, Criminal Justice/Safety Studies, Biology/Biological Sciences- General, and Computer Science.

Something Unique

As an independent republic in the past, Texas is known as the Lone Star State. Meanwhile, Texas State University has the uniqueness of graduating a US president- Lyndon B. Johnson in 1930. The excellent Greek Organizations are also another extraordinary part of the university.

Why Choose Texas State University?

There are many reasons to choose Texas State University. One of the top reasons is the low price of education in the institute. Then you can look at other factors like free speech zone, the excellent life in San Marcos City, San Marcos River, The Dean of Students office, tailgating, and diversity.

Why Choose DOS in the Texas States?

The DOS at Texas State is a group that ensures to provide a safe environment for all the students. It has a goal of creating a welcoming atmosphere for the newcomers, and a community suitable for all ethnic backgrounds. It is a perfect group to join.

How Much Does It Cost to Texas State University?

Texas State University requires resident tuition and fee of $5,100 and non-resident tuition and fees of $11,220. It is an educational institute with a low cost compared to the other universities with the same qualities.

Final Note

It is genuinely a commendable accomplishment to join Texas State University. The institute offers a diverse community and excellent value for the educational dollar. Meanwhile, the natural beauty, restaurants, and parks near the universities are places you will love to visit. There are also fun groups like Bubble believers or Dean of the Students.

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