Why Is It Snowing In Texas? Texas Snow Storm

Even though it is a southern state, Texas does experience snowfall and there have been significant cases of snowstorms in the state. On average, Texas snowfall is 0.1 inches, which is considerably lower than Northers and Western states.

Snowfall in Major Texas Cities


Does it snow in Dallas Texas? Dallas only rarely experiences snowfall. Usually, there are only a few days of hail every year in the city. The average yearly snowfall is around 2.6 inches according to the records collected from 1898 to 2019. The most snowfall Dallas had was in 2010 at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with 12.5 inches.


Wondering if it snows in Dallas Texas? Winter days are not much cold in Austin Texas. You experience below-freezing weather for around 20 days each year in the city. Therefore, you can see occasional snow every year in Austin Texas.


Snow in Houston Texas is not very common. The area does experience freezing and sleet more than snow. In the greater Houston area, brief snow flurries can be expected every year. Therefore, Huston Texas can get snow on occasions!

San Antonio

The south-central Texas city of San Antonio rarely gets snow. According to the records, in 2017 the city experienced 2 inches of snow while 6 inches of snow happened in February 2021. Such snow has not been seen for decades.

Texas Winter Storm Climate Change

In 2021, there were severe winter storms that happened from 10 to 27 February, for over two weeks. The storm begin to start on the 11th and some areas started accumulating ice.

Researchers believe that there is a link between global and arctic warming to cause such cold snap in Texas. Rapid warming and winter storms are expected due to this change!

Is it normal to snow in Texas?

During winter, it is normal to experience snowy weather in Texas. However, it is usually a lot less snowy than northern, westerns, or northwestern states. The snow does not hamper daily life in Texas much as it melts away only in a few days!

Which areas of Texas are the coldest?

Texas Panhandle is known to be the coldest region in the state. Amarillo’s average low annual temperature is 44 degrees which are pretty low for a southern place. Moreover, Texas Panhandle also had the lowest record temperature in the state when it officially went negative 23 degrees.

Did it snow in Texas before?

Texas experiences most of its snowy weather in the west and north areas. Even though there has been snowfall in the southern regions before, it is not that common. Moreover, the snow does not hamper daily life too much as it melts away quickly.

Which areas of Texas get the most snow?

The western part of Texas experiences the most snow in the state. The western area of the state includes areas like El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, etc. From those areas, Amarillo experiences the most snow with a yearly average of 17.8 inches.

Final Note

Texas rarely gets snowy but from the 2021’s winter storms, people are being more cautious to have the necessary equipment to survive such an occurrence again.

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