Why Is Texas So Cheap?

Why texas is cheap?

The cost of living in Texas is cheaper than most other states in the US. On average, it is 7% cheaper to live in Texas compared to the cost of living nationwide. One of the biggest factors of the lower cost of living in Texas is the prices of houses being lower. Groceries, transportation, healthcare, etc. also cost lower than the national average.

Texas vs Califonia

Cost of Living

California and Texas are two of the largest states. However, the living cost appears to be significantly different. Texas is cheaper to live in than California. You need to earn nearly 30% more to live in California compared to Texas. Moreover, the housing cost is 48% higher in California.

Quality of Life

Wondering if Texas is better to live in than California? The cost of living in California is significantly higher than in Texas. Therefore, financially it is a better decision to live in Texas. However, the cost of living is not a great representation of the quality of life. Some goods or amenities are better in California compared to Texas.

Reasons Why You Should Move to Texas

One of the biggest reasons to move to Texas is the cost of living being lower than most states. Moreover, it is currently one of the fastest-growing states. The weather is good and it does not get too snowy. Being one of the biggest states in the US, there is a lot to see!

Cost To Buy A House In Texas

The cost to buy a house in Texas is not significant compared to a lot of states. Newer homes in Texas cost $286,000 on average. On the other hand, median homes can cost $218,000 on average. Houses that cost around a million in LA can be available for a few hundred thousand in a lot of Texan cities.

Why Are Houses So Cheap In Texas?

Texas is the second-biggest state in the US. The prices of lands are cheaper than a lot of states and the house prices are therefore lower in comparison. A house that costs a million in LA can cost only 100,000 in Texas. However, many would disagree as the prices of houses in other states are overly priced!

House Price Increased in Texas

Even though compared to other states the houses in Texas are cheaper, Texans are not happy with the increasing cost of buying new properties. The shortage of workers led to higher wages which resulted in a higher cost for construction.


Even though many would assume the house prices are really cheap in Texas, a lot of Texans do not consider it to be “cheap.” According to them, houses are being overpriced in other states and that’s the primary reason Texan houses may appear cheaper.

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