Texas Roadhouse Rolls to Go

The bread rolls at Texas Roadhouse are served at every table for free. However, you can order the rolls to go if you want to enjoy the legendary rolls in your own comfort.

How to Order Roadhouse Rolls to Go

You can easily order ½ and 1 dozen portions of Texas Roadhouse rolls from their website. Head over to https://www.texasroadhouse.com and click “Order Now,” and select your locations. You will find the Extra Fresh-Baked Bread option at the bottom of the menu. 

The cost of these rolls to go:

½ dozen$2.49
1 dozen$4.99

The rolls will come with Honey Cinnamon butter. If you are not a big fan of Cinnamon butter, you can pick regular butter instead. And if you want more honey cinnamon butter, you will find it on the menu at $1.99.