Texas Roadhouse Steak Fries

Texas Roadhouse Steak Fries
Texas Roadhouse Steak Fries

Steak fries are a popular side option with meat in Texas Roadhouse. They are crispy and well-seasoned, and there is a variety of them at this steakhouse. Many prefer loaded steak fries at Roadhouse, as those come with cheddar cheese and bacon bits as toppings. 

This article will explain everything about these delicious fries, from nutrition facts to copycat recipes!

Nutritional Facts of Texas Roadhouse Steak Fries


Of 400 calories in Roadhouse Steak fries, 50% is fat, 45% consists of carbohydrates, and the last 5% is protein.

Source: fatsecret

Nutritional Facts of Texas Roadhouse Loaded Steak Fries

Calories:510 cal

Similar to regular fries, most loaded steak fries’ calories come from fat and carbs.

Source: Fast Food Nutrition

Loaded Steak Fries Recipe from Texas Roadhouse

While Roadhouse does not reveal its recipes, you can still try making the well-known steak fries in about 40 minutes. Let’s start with the following:

Required Items:

Frozen French Fries:4 cups
Slices of bacon:8 pieces
Grated cheddar chees:2 cups
Vegetable oil
Garlic salt:¼ tsp
Salt:¼ tsp
Onion powder:¼ tsp

Cooking Instructions

  1. Before starting the process, your oven should be preheated to 450°F.
  2. Put a frying pan on your cooktop and cook bacon on medium flame.
  3. When done, remove the cooked, crispy bacon from the pan and set it aside to air dry on a towel.
  4. Place the bacon fat aside in a big dish to cool.
  5. Then combine the salt, onion powder, and garlic salt in the bowl with the bacon oil, and put it away to settle for a bit.
  6. Now, arrange the fries on a baking sheet in a layer, coat them with oil, and bake them for around 15 minutes or longer if required.
  7. After baking the fries, thoroughly combine the seasoned mixture and bacon grease.
  8. Combine the seasonings and fries in a bowl that can be placed in the oven. Next, cover the fries with the entire amount of sharp cheddar.
  9. After completely crumbling the bacon pieces, scatter them over the fries.
  10. Place the bowl in the oven and bake for five more minutes. Add a few more minutes if required to get the cheese bubbling.
  11. Finally, take the bowl out of the oven and give it at least 5-7 minutes to cool.