Texas Roadhouse Steak Salad

Steak Filet Salad of Texas Roadhouse is suitable for people who like meat and greens. The salad consists of bacon bits, filet strips, croutons, Bleu Cheese crumbles, and tomatoes, served with Italian dressing. You also get Bleu cheese as a side with the dish.

Nutrition Facts of Texas Roadhouse Steak Salad

A steak salad at Texas Roadhouse contains 910 calories per serving. The nutritional values of this meal are:


Source: Fast Food Nutrition

While you may think this steak salad is great for weight loss, it’s not the best option due to a lot of fat and cholesterol. A lot of cheese crumbles and meat pieces will be bad for your diet.

Steak Salad Recipe from Texas Roadhouse

You can try making the steak salad recipe of Texas Roadhouse on your own. While you may not be able to make the perfect dressing that mirrors the Steakhouse, you can still enjoy a good salad.


Sirloin beef filet:6 oz
Crumbled Bleu cheese:1 oz
Bacon bits:1 tablespoon
A mix of lettuce, spinach, and red leaf lettuce:2 cups
Grape and cherry tomato:1 piece each
Italian salad dressing of your choice


Mix all the ingredients except for the sirloin filets. After mixing, add the filets and serve with creamy Bleu cheese.