How to Buy a Tesla in Texas? Things You Need To Know

how to buy a tesla in texas

The first step to buying a Tesla in Texas is to go to one of their showrooms in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston. Then complete the purchase of your desired car online. Once you do that, the vehicle will be shipped to the nearest service center. You can pick it up from there.

Things You Need to Know While Buying a Tesla in Texas


It is legal to buy a Tesla in Texas. However, there are some laws that forbid the sales of Tesla cars from the showroom. So, you cannot help but purchase it online and get it from the service center. This law is active to protect the dealership system.

Charging Cost

To charge a Tesla Model S in Texas, you may need to spend around 3.7 cents for every mile. Meanwhile, a Tesla Model 3 will take 3 to 4 cents per mile, which makes it $7.65 in total. Charging the battery to full will cost around $15.29.


Excluding the local rebates and tax incentives, a Tesla Model 3 will cost around $43,990 to $57,990, depending on the variant. The Model S has a price of $94,990, and Model S Plaid is available at $129,990. You can go for Model X and Model X Plaid at $104,990 and $119,990 accordingly.

Sales Tax

One has to pay sales tax on any motor vehicle in Texas, including Tesla. It is 6.25 percent of the sales price. Any trade-in allowance can reduce that number. If it is a used motor vehicle, you can check the standard presumptive value to find the taxable value.

Registering Your Tesla Car

To register your Tesla in Texas, the company will send you a mail containing the required documents to let you complete the registration. The registration fees will be determined and collected during registration. In Texas, this fee is $200.

Insurance Policy

You can expect to pay around $4,548 per year for the car insurance on your Tesla in Texas. Keep in mind that it is an average and can be different based on your vehicle model, variant, and other factors. They include the coverage amount, driving history, etc.


If you maintain your Tesla properly, you can drive it for more than 500,000 miles without facing any issues. It can come down to replacing the battery at around 300,000 miles, which may cost you about $5000 on average.

Final Note

Purchasing a Tesla Model is full of excitement. Hopefully, this article will help you better prepare for the processes. Buying it in the lone star state may take some extra steps, but it is worth the effort. Make sure to take good care of your Tesla.

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